Dear Kent and Andrea,

Today, we received the CDs you sent yesterday for Jack and Renee. Jack suffered a series of strokes April 13. They have been through one hard thing after the other, they were wondering if he would live or be able to move. I transcribed the CDs in Texas and emailed them to New Jersey today, so they could get them as they don’t have access to CDs right now. I already heard back that this Word gave life, light, hope, and water to continue at the point of feeling all was lost.

I thank and bless and honor you for your faithfulness to minister to the Lord and to the people. You are a blessing. And, I have kept praying that you will feel the blessing and honor and hope and joy and peace that you have imparted back to you, your family, in ways that will minister to you, as you have so greatly ministered to the people.

Thank you for holding out HOPE.