Dear Brother Kent,

“Thank you for your for your article on Elijah List.
(article from Elijah List)

As a result of reading it, I received courage to release a word of knowledge to long-time friends and just walk away, holding onto my faith.

I needed courage because the word was good, but their situation at present isn’t. (The article re: the woman who gave you the word that your words were protected and wouldn’t fall to the ground, and the way that caused you to combat condemnation.)

We have been riveted by your articles on the angels of God. Our oldest son was laughing as he read the one on asking God “for a hand to help.” He loved seeing God’s humor and help all at once!

Thank you so much for sharing. It is truly helping people.

It is a risk to be open with our personal lives, as many are quick to point fingers. However, your sharing these life experiences is helping and equipping people, and shows a father’s heart.”