RE: Apostolic Decree on CD>>>>

Good Morning,

I received my Apostolic Decree on Mother’s Day!

As I listened there was something that was brought up that i was not even aware I was doing on a continual basis, the last thing I want to do is irritate God. I had to repent and tell Him I am sorry. I know what it’s like to have something or somebody irritating me and I do not like it either, it’s annoying to say the least. I thank God that He spoke through the man of God to bring correction in a loving way, I praise Him for that. I also thank God that with the correction He also gave me a simple instruction to follow. i have chosen to obey the word and I thank God for His grace and favor upon my life. God also confirmed to me a second time that I am heading in the right direction now. 🙂 To obey is better than sacrifice. All is well!

Amen! Father let your kingdom come let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Thank You Prophet Kent for being a pure vessel that God can freely move through!

In His Love,