I just received my prophecy from Brother Kent and I am simple humbled and speechless about how accurate it is as the things he spoke to me are exactly things I have been praying and asking father about and for. WOW! Thank you so much. He mentioned in this word that he (has a handkerchief with my name on it), I believe, means of laying on of hands and imparting this prophecy over me. I just want to be faithful to the fullest with this as I am so excited about it.
Thank you and may Father continue to bless your ministry abundantly.

Hello Jim,

We hold every impartation and healing handkerchief for 30 days. If you have received a prophecy where Prophet Kent says he is holding your handkerchiefs while prophesying then we have your handkerchief and waiting for your PayPal request so that we may send your handkerchief. Here is the link to get your Impartation and/or Healing Handkerchief;

PMT staff,