Dear Prophet Kent, I’m Deborah, I’ve previously received your email on angelic prophecy. Just want to thank you for the words you’ve given me over the years, revealing God’s plan for my life that guided me how to pray and in making important decisions in my life. It has led me to a path where I’m humble before God and to a path of obedience. I thank God for you that you’re a great blessing to the body of Christ. I’ve come to a season where I feel like I need a new a word from God. I’ve been asking God to reveal clearly his vision for me in this season. . . I’m a daughter to missionary couple, and work as cardiologist in Singapore. I’m still single and praying for the mate and willing to fully work in obedience no matter what the cost, by God’s grace. Thank you and God bless!

In Him, Deborah living in Singapore