Dear Kent,

I have been so busy a major move and one of our sons wedding, but I was finally able to transcribe your prophetic word just now after sending my first email regarding the question. Wow! I do believe the word was for me because the Lord has told me I am a prophet, but I am still in “hiding” so to speak. He has given me (and my children) many, MANY dreams and visions and words. That was the most intense word I’ve ever received but I just told the Lord that I will do whatever He wants me to do, in fact, that is the question that continues to come up -“what do you want me to do?” I am a mother of 10 children with 4 still at home and have recently had MUCH, MUCH warfare against me and my relationships with people. I continue to battle and stay low, but I trust the Lord because my life is His, not mine.

Thank you SO much for this word and may the Lord richly bless you for it! If you have any other thoughts for me, feel free to share.

Thanks again