Dear Kent,

I am amazed at this teaching! Just last month I was at a conference where Tim Hamon was speaking at The Gathering in Corona, CA and I kept smelling at least 3 separate beautiful fragrances in their sanctuary. I felt that these were spiritual and both natural scents but more spiritual. I was very aware of them and I knew that they were very anointed and that The Lord was showing me how important fragrances were to Him! The next day I was at a cosmetic store with access to many of the latest and expensive perfumes. Two of my daughters and I were testing them. They used the test strips but I preferred to spray them in the air and then walk into them. The fragrances were edifying and smelled beautiful! Then The Lord reminded me of His fragrance and I told my daughters about what The Lord had taught me the night before.

This teaching of yours is absolutely astounding and timely! How would anyone know this? Thank you for teaching us such in depth and profound teachings! I need to study this over and over until I get this deep into my spirit!

God bless you and keep sharing with us,