Hello Kent,

You popped into my spirit so I thought I would drop a line. I pray all is well in your parts.

Then, you spoke about how, I think his name was Pastor Frazier (from Hawaii) and how he sent off for a prophecy tape and he doubted your ministry. So, he started doing things around the church while the tape played and the word of the Lord just told him what he had just said, too awesome! God is awesome how he used you.

You also gave another testimony about a young girl (5) who received a prophecy about speaking other languages and being in dance school, etc. How the parents didn’t let the girl hear the prophecy tape until she was 17, but she received the prophecy when she was a young girl…awesome!!!!

Let me give you a testimony. I was going back through some of my prophecy tapes from you back from 2000!!!! I realize you spoke some things that happened exactly as the Lord told you, my friend. The Holy Ghost told me to listen to the tapes and I was in awe at the accuracy…because of course I know you have an ear to hear but it was on another level…the Holy Ghost lead me to different tapes you gave me and it was an awesome experience…I couldn’t even speak because I was in awe.