Hi Kent,

Thank you for your Word every week. I still believe God for the fulfillment of a word that you accurately gave to me about moving north to the Carolinas. One day it will happen. I have wanted to be a part of Morningstar ministry for many years. Without knowing the desire of my heart you said I would be part of a house that is led by a prophet of the morning star. You said I would move north through one state maybe two. I live in Florida, how accurate is that? The church is located in Ft. Mill, SC I go there several times a year when I visit my children.

Four years ago God miraculously moved my son, wife and 3 children from Southern CA. Two years ago my daughter and her 3 children moved there too. You said “for the hills of the Carolinas have your name on them.” Yes, they do!! Two of my children live there and I will too.