Hi Prophet Kent,

I want to personally thank you. I have received my prophetic word and handkerchief today. I was so excited when I got it and couldn’t t wait to listen to it…I knew I needed this in order to Break Through!! Thank you so much for the encouragement Kent, even sharing how you related with my situation, as well as telling me to Let Go!! I receive that. Not long ago, within two weeks I had prayed for a release of emotional ties that kept tormenting me and pulling me back down to those awful memories of rejection and thoughts of them…This prophetic word was dead-on! I haven’t ever had a prophetic word as precise as this one, into the things that were happening and It was like I knew I had to let go of my family, but the good part of me, kept getting bunted by the enemy that if I ignored them, then that wasn’t God!! I needed that confirmation from a prophetic word and insight into this situation so I could be released from this assignment of death! I treasure this word, and I’m so excited of what God is going to do, I will be obedient and do as you have said. Thank you. I felt the shift immediately, and now I know I can go on guilt-free. My family is in the hands of God. I also agree that God will send me people from His family who are my family who will help me and come along side of me….

Thank you Jesus!!!!