Hi Pastor Kent, I just want to thank you for writing this word today to speak truth when there’s so much confusion abut prophecy..I am one who has really been affected by religious nonsense regarding prophesies, and as I read the part where you asked if anyone had been one of these …. One of the major reasons people who are ministering in the gift of prophecy feel they have failed when giving someone a prophetic word is because they are afraid they will mess up someone’s life. You cannot help but respect a person who is that concerned. However, allow me to speak to you if you are one of these types of prophetic people:

You must trust the Holy Spirit with everything within you that He will not misguide you. You cannot mess up if you put your mind in neutral and speak or write only what He puts into your thoughts and spirit. Prophesying all starts with just one word; and once you speak or write that one word, everything else will begin to flow. I cried when I came to this part, cause a few years back when God was really giving me things ..I stepped out trusting Him, and I had leaders standing around me, trying to keep me quiet..I started doubting God that I was hearing Him cause I respected these leaders, and I haven’t been in church for a couple years now, because I felt so shut down, unable to speak when God asked me to, and then I was afraid of speaking anymore…I came across your Elijah List Word this morning with all my ears on…I felt that what you wrote the Body really needs to hear….Churches I went to treated others like the only ones who hear God and walk in the anointing are the leaders Apostle, Prophets, Pastors and Teachers, and I have feared them rather than God! I need a cleaning of what was taught inside the church, and be transformed by God’s truth and Him to reveal those truths to me, and I want to thank you for sharing what you did today on prophecy..Not many leaders I trust, very few is a matter of fact within my sphere of influence..I have felt less than everyone else..I know that is a lie, but I really want to hook up with those who are going somewhere with God and not just talking the talk,but walking in it…I still have the prophetic word you sent me through mp3, I listen to it especially when I feel so far off, it helps to put my mind on where God is taking me even when I really can’t see it yet.. Within the past three weeks I was fired from my job in which I loved…I was accused of assaulting a lady, this lady had been harassing me with vulgar language over things, as to which I finally laid my hand on her shoulder but did not harm her, and it went way out of the ballpark!!!…I could not understand why I was let go and was asking God now what? I cried and came in a depressed state where I just couldn’t see anything positive come out of this ,My daughter is going to college this fall and I wanted to help her out as well as to other ministries..God gave me this good paying job..and suddenly it was cut off..I tried to look at the positive and tell myself God had more for me, I love being around people, influencing them, and in this place there was a lot of vulgar language in which I felt it was affecting me in a wrong way, so then I wondered if God had answered my prayer, but why I asked myself, why did it have to end this way?.. yet my seeing seemed to be blocked, and thoughts of suicide plagued me…I then started to find anything that God was saying through people, ministers and asked God to show me what Plans He had for me yet, just yesterday is a matter of fact I asked and cried as I read my book by Kevin Basconi “Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Seer anointing” One two and three(Books) I keep getting reminded by God to go over all of our prophetic words, mine and my husbands and play back, over and over again..One thing I can relate to is this, where you said that when a person gets a prophetic word and they haven’t seen it come to pass, how people throw it off as well they (didn’t do something or other to make it come to pass in their life)this has plagued me many times, so some of the wrong teaching has caused me to give up on them, but lately God has told me to go back and replay them, and when I do I get encouraged once again….Thank you for listening..I really do appreciate your ministry along with your team.

God Bless you,