Thanks Prophet Kent… I appreciate that so much. In 2017 you gave me a prophecy about God sending a woman into my life. A long with that you said that it would not be easy. Until just a few months ago, it wasn’t easy. Our great God touched this woman (and myself also) and restored all that she lost and more. And lots of good things still coming. The day before my birthday on September 6th, we are officially engaged and making plans for what God has for us. I didn’t really respond to the prophecy that you sent, and just told the Lord that I would when the prophecy came about. Just about all that you said on that prophecy has come about so far and am expecting more to unfold. I do appreciate and respect you and your prophetic ministry. As a result, I also can confidently give a Word to others as the Lord gives. Thanks for you and your ministry. Expecting even more great things to happen. Thanks so much.