God Has a Word for YOU!

Dear Prophet Kent

I dearly like to thank you for your faithfulness and kindness in the prophetic call that you have. I have received a personal prophecy, word from Lord through you recently for my life. The date in which you spoke the Word of the Lord was on 17 July 2015, it was two days later that my mother of 93 years passed away and went home to be with the Lord. I retired from work to take on the role as carer for my mother and for 3 and half years I took care of her at home. She did run the race to the end. It was the best thing I did for her to stay at home and minister to her spiritually and physically. I thank the Lord I took this role obediently even though at times I felt the desire of doing other things. I am grateful to my heavenly Father that He loved my mother so much that giving her the best was in God’s interest as well as mine.

Part of your prophetic word was that God was giving me a freedom now to go where I please. But I intend to please the Lord that He will have me to go and fulfill my destiny in God. You spoke about other things such as being a recipient of a miracle. I have two things which I have been waiting on the Lord. One is I am in need of a miracle for the healing/restoration of my TM (jaw) joints. The other is a financial harvest, so I can bless others for God’s kingdom, far more than I am able to do so now.

My great desire is help others in need. May God bless you exceedingly above all that I can ask or perceive for you, your wife, family and ministry. God I found is never late to bless you or His beloved children.

Kind regards and blessings to you and the America nation.