Inquiry From Elijah List Subscriber


Greetings Kent!


Your video yesterday was so REALLY eye opening! I have to repent for my lack of praying in tongues. Your message followed an experience that I had the day before, of feeling a sense of dread for a span of 5 hours, off and on, and I couldn’t get clarity on it, and even thought, maybe, I was about to have a heart attack, or some natural disaster was about to happen? Then, I FINALLY; started praying in my prayer language until it lifted and I felt peace.


Last night, after your eye opening revelation, of the prayer languages changing for different Angels and praying for understanding, I was paying attention to what I was seeing in the spirit and I saw images of what looked like a Epic movie, and the sound was like the movie score of an intense battle, I could feel it’s thundering vibration , with huge machines moving into position, moving in synchronized formation, it was intense; then an Army as far as the eye could see ready for battle.


I feel like I have insight about a vision I had on January 17th of 2016, where I heard the Holy Spirit say ” Release My Kingdom “, I quietly said ” ok, I release Your Kingdom ” , and then I had an vision of Fire and intense light and power go over the Earth, like I was seeing it from Heavens perspective. I’ve prayed many times, to release His Kingdom, but it has felt powerless, until last night!!!


I had a painful experience at the Elijah List conference in 2016. I was excited about what one of the speakers was saying, because God had shown me the exact same thing, at the same time and I had, had a couple other experiences that they mentioned that were really similar, I also wanted to know if they had heard other people mention hearing God audibly say” Moses”? When the speaker asked me if I was just about finished, in a bothered tone, I think he thought I was a quack and he had said that he was really tired and hungry, but I felt crushed and shut down.


I’ve recently come on staff at the Salem House of Prayer and I love it! I’ve never been some place that feels more like home than this. My debt looks really scary, but I believe God when he says that it’s a non issue! I really believe that there is a couple who are suppose to support me, because of the multitude of signs that the Lord has given them with me, and in all humility, I know, that I know that it is more for their benefit.


I would like to support you by ordering some of your teaching material. I do not have much money, but I will order what the Lord tells You I need most right now, if you feel lead or have the time.


God Bless you and your ministry, may you be overwhelmed in a good way with provision!