Hi Kent!

When I read your Elijah List message on the Angel of prosperity, I was wondering if I have encountered it as well. It was about a year ago, I got out of bed to use the restroom, when I returned I was standing in the doorway of my dark bedroom and see what looked like these beams of light going from top to bottom, it wasn’t very bright and I thought I was just seeing things, like my eyes were adjusting, ( like when you stand up quick and see spots), I hadn’t been in a posture of prayer , I had either woken up or I was trying to fall asleep. When the left side of my body went through these beams of light, I felt a little resistance. This all happened very quickly, but by the time I reached my bed and realized, maybe that was from God? It was gone.
Faint horizontal beams of light, that reminded me of a transporter from Star Trek.
This past year has been the toughest year financially of my adult life. The lesson that I want to learn most, is to expect the unexpected!
Decreeing a breakthrough of prosperity, repentance and deliverance also!

Blessings and God Bless,