Thank you, God has really spoken through you. He knows my situation which has been for years. I heard “be still and wait” the other day just like someone was right here with me. Also been smelling roses. I’m waiting for those blessings and breakthroughs. I claim this in his mighty name. I’m just waiting for him to show me which way to go and to where. But after hearing your prophecy for me, I and my family are right where we are supposed to be. I felt a peace and calm come over me. The devil is fighting me through everything that is dear and important and I won’t let him win. I will call on the breaker angel everyday if I have too until we are victorious. I’ve been praying and my family thinks that I am depressed or going crazy or just giving up. I’m just trying to let God do his work and not try to help Him out so much 🙂 He has the plan. Thank you again so very much.

Since I got your prophecy with God’s word I pinned the prayer cloth under my pillow and have slept like a baby. Things are calming and I hold you the promises god has made to me. I saw feathers several times yesterday when I was out. In seeing those small changes and these breakthroughs are coming 🙂 I’ve suffered from self-doubt and anxiety for a long time not anymore in Jesus name. I had a dream the other night and woke up at 3:00 started to pray fell back to sleep and was awoken a little later by a flash of light. You all are doing good things 🙂