I really had to email Pastor Kent regarding the Word I received today. Although, I have received other prophetic words, always similar, I had been feeling a little lost and confused about “What the heck is going on?” Wondering, did I not understand, as if I have been plowing and plowing with no joy set before me?? Then like a shock wave, as I was listening to my Word, pastor Kent said, “You also have the gift of the Porter, a gatekeeper, one who watches the gates of entrance”. I couldn’t believe my ears! This is my maiden name, which I know means doorkeeper or gatekeeper. There is no way he would have known that, and I have always wondered if it had spiritual significance.

Hallelujah! So, it had been spoken over me that something my ancestors may have thought wasn’t right, I could pick up……..it’s mine!!! Thank you, so much, and a mega million blessings to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Faith and love, love, and more love…..Erin Porter Townsend