Dear Brother Kent,

I continue to be very much in awe and extremely thankful to your ministry and to the Lord who is using you in such a tremendous way. Every time I receive a CD to either myself or to someone else there is so much right-on revelation in it. It is absolutely stunning.

This time I felt I really needed a word from God concerning my work situation which has been very stressful. A few months ago I got at new job, but not everyone welcomed me to say it the least. Especially one person treated me disrespectful from the very first day. Seemingly she did not believe that I was fit for the job.

This is what God said to me, “There are those also who find themselves looking down upon you thinking that you are something out of this other world, something that has come out of place, someone who does not fit. But yet they are ones also who are very blinded to the things that are truly everlasting and eternal. So never mind what those others may think who look down their noses at you for they will soon find themselves in a position of wishing and regret that they had not turned you away, but that they had received you.”

A few days prior to receiving the CD I made up my mind to apply for a job elsewhere and I’m quite sure I will.

I really did expect that the Lord would address my situation because I have come to know the total accuracy of your ministry. He sure did not disappoint me. Also He said so many other things that blessed me tremendously. Thank you, Kent. Thank you so much.