Dear Brother Kent;

I have been tremendously blessed over the past year as I have ordered a large number of prophetic CD’s! When I discovered your extraordinary prophetic gift I decided to donate CD’s to precious people whom the Lord reminded me to encourage. Several of them, being in ministry, one being a top politician and my children.

I have listened to several of the CD’s because the recipients wanted me to translate the content into Danish for a better understanding. All have been astounded of the accuracy of the words given!!

This experience has boosted my life with the Lord. Realizing His love in this very tangible way and knowing that He is and wants to be such an integrated part of our lives has impacted my faith tremendously.

Your gift, Brother Kent, to hear from God and to minister to people around the world is beyond description and I thank Him for your willingness to be untraditional and to share this precious gift through the internet!

Thank you again! God bless you!

Yours in Him.