RE: My Word from God and His Promise of Healing



Dear pastor Kent. Hello again! I thank so much to the Lord for your precious and powerful prayers for my wife Ester! I´m sorry I´m so late to tell about Ester´s healing, because I wanted to wait for the new lab -tests about my liver counts which were taken for two weeks ago. So, Ester was healed up from this very hard pain in her eyes, sinusitis and head. At first her sinuses were punctured which operation did relieve some of this severe pain.


After that the Lord led her to go to an eye specialist and it was discovered that her sight was improved quite a lot and she said it was no wonder that Ester had those severe pains in her eyes and head because they were due to this improvement of her sight, and so this eye specialist ordered her a new pair of glasses.


When she received those glasses all the severe pains were gone! PRAISE THE LORD! In addition, I have asked you earlier – at least once, I remember – to pray for a healing about a celiac disease Ester has suffered from. It is an incurable disease. If she ate by accident one bit of bread containing gluten she would get very severe pains in her stomach and intestines for many ours.


But Jesus healed her completely for a few weeks ago and since then she has been able to eat all kinds of grains and having no pains at all! I know and believe that also this wonderful healing is the result of your precious, earlier prayers, for her causing to fulfill the bowl of prayers for Ester in Heaven and pour out them into and onto her! I give all the PRAISE and HONOR and GLORY to our LORD JESUS CHRIST and to our HEAVENLY FATHER about these wonderful healings!


Now about my liver counts. I have been very amazed at these liver counts because for a year backward these counts were at its lowest and since then they have risen already for the fourth times in a row so that for a year backward the liver count of P-ALAT was: 83 and for two weeks ago this count had risen to 155 when the normal count is below 50. And for a year backward the liver count of P-ASAT was: 42and for two weeks ago this count had risen to 83 when the normal count is below the45. I don´t know what is a reason for this rise of these liver counts but I know the Lord knows exactly the reason and He will heal completely my liver! I know that you have prayed a lot for a healing of us and I am so thankful to the Lord about you, our dear friend! Pray for one another, that you may be healed!


In addition, as you know, I have suffered from a secretion of a phlegm from my lungs for 3 1/2 years and I am also waiting that by the wounds of Jesus I may receive my healing for the both ailments because Jesus has redeemed – in other words – bought me free from all sicknesses and diseases devil has brought about by the precious blood Jesus shed in Calvary, so He has already healed me for 2000 years ago in Calvary!  2. Exodus15:26, Psalm103:3, Proverbs 4:20-22, Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 8:17, 1. Peter 2:24, Acts 10:38.


With love and blessings in Jesus Christ