Good morning Kent and Debbie


When I saw you was giving out prophecy, I started to hit delete, wasn’t interested, to much on my mind,…But then with my finger on the key I heard, “wait” and the image of a Angel standing next to a bob wire fence with one foot on the bottom rung of the wire pushing down, and with his hand holding up the top wire, said to me “climb on through, Kent will let you in, God has some thing special to tell you”…I thought You are crazy Faye but my hand would not let go to move my finger, so I knew that was the Lord.


The more I got to thinking about it, I thought, of course you know that you were in the spirit cause at 84, you for sure would not be able to climb through a bob wire fence, I went to the donate button and praise the Lord it worked.


Miss you and Debby, and baby girl. She seems so happy with her new husband.


Love Y’all

Living in the super natural, with the blessing of God .

Faye, from the Houston, Texas area