Dear Bubba, AKA Kent.

I received your Letter with the video and my Gift from God. As I was drinking coffee this morning, thanking God for a good night’s sleep, giving him praise. I thanked him for sending “the Angel of tongues”,
So, I can pray prayers for others straight from the Holy Spirit to God, who has a bunch of Angels around my house. Flashes of light and feathers still, and they go out to do his words. As I was praying in tongues my prayer language, started changing and was speeding up.
All of a sudden, I was seeing in a vision, Mary, my next-door neighbor was in an ancient jungle, tied up in a chair, she had two ropes around her chest and arms, and one around her head, they had a bunch of ugly men dancing around her chanting with spears in their hands. I was praying in their language, but my language was loud and they stopped dancing ,they drew back in fear as my words were strong and loud .I walked forward towards Mary and with a sword ,cut the ropes around the arms and chest, then the one on her head, the sword was flashing in the light.AS I CUT THE ROPES I KNEW I WAS SETTING HER FREE {AS SHE WAS BEING HELT CAPTIVE} Mary has Dementia, she was set free with the sword of the WORD that was being spoken over her. Then my prayer language returned to what it always is as I finished out my prayers. This was my vision/
I have a list of 10 names of people that have Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, my heart longs for all of them to be set free, I cry out to God to heal them, to send Angels of healing to touch them. I know they have a cure for this in Israel, but the big drug co. will not let it be sold in the united states.
I still am waiting for Angel no 2 that will do interpretation for the first Angel …

I gave a testimony at a lady’s meeting in Gonzales, Tx on my” life in the Super Natural” It was well received. I don’t know how to speak Spanish, so when it was praise and music time,
I just sang and prayed in my prayer language, and I heard a man right behind me who was praying with me in his prayer language, we sounded Beautiful …he. I had tears rolling down my cheeks My friend Oscar, kept looking past me as he was helping his sister Lee who was running this meeting, so I turned as much as I could ,and saw the man behind me with a white tee shirt, and White greying hair, I smiled and he smiled ,so when the meeting was over and we were outside Oscar ask the man who was a preacher that had come with three men and their wife’s ,where is the men you came with ,he said? Oh, they are both over there, Oscar said no, there was you and three men, one was dressed in white jeans, a white tee shirt and white hair. No, said the preacher just three of us men and our wife’s. No one else saw him except Oscar and me. My first Angel to see and hear in real life… excited we were. Mary and Lee took pictures of our row and we had no pictures of our” Man “there behind us.

Love and miss you and my Debby
Go easy on that Coffee, Bro.

Faye from Lake Jackson, Texas