Hello Kent and Debbie.

Just a line to thank you for sending my oil, Apostolic Decree and handkerchief. I pinned it to my chest and wore it for two weeks.

It was a reminder about this visit to the Doctor about this next big operation, We talked and laughed about it, we were looking at the screen of his computer and he turned to me and said “I’m very doubtful you will ever have any problem with your hernia, its soft and unless it turns hard, its very unlikely you will have a problem with it” WOW ..I wanted to cry but just praised God..oh what a blessing God is so awesome.

I’m getting stronger, I walk with my walker, I got rid of my hospital bed, I’m back in my own bed. That’s a blessing (ever lay up on those mattress’ for 2 years ?) Yuck…

I don’t know what kind of prayers or impartation of anointing was on the handkerchief you sent, but as always it works. Thank you so much.

Love you both..

Back on the battle line.