Hello Pastor Kent! Since we last spoke my situation has changed and the Lord has made a way for me to be pre-approved for a home mortgage! Woot woot! 🙂 I am scheduled with a real estate agent to start looking at homes. What an exciting day! Things have been falling into place left and right. Every time a situation arises recently God makes a way. A few weeks ago I looked at my credit score and it was far below what it needed to be but when the mortgage company looked at it then it was far above what I had seen. My marital house we are selling from the divorce is providing me with a nice down payment and is closing this week! Now I am asking God to show me what house to buy and where. So the search starts and I can’t wait to move into our blessing. Please stay in prayer with me that God will reveal what is in our best interest and where he wants us.

Love and Blessings