Good Morning Prophet Simpson,

I just want you to know that I received my prophecy with that of my children. I have been receiving prophesies, however, this is with a difference. I cannot explain it, but that is how I feel. I listen to it every day. Is it possible to order for another personal to prophesy if I so desire? I want to know before I order for another one again for myself. I have been telling everyone I know about your ministry, including my colleges. Gee God working through you like this is incredible and amazing. There is no ministry like this on earth that I know of. OMG that is true Prophet. Think about it. Do you realize that? I hope that when I become a millionaire/billionaire, I will find you and support you. Yes indeed I will. I am in the process. It is only Jesus that will make it happen for me. This is a true promise sealed with the power of the cross. Thank you so much.