Good morning Kent,

I was telling my daughter Tammy about how you gave a prophetic word to Steve Shultz years ago and how the Elijah List came to be…God has certainly blessed that word and now many are hearing what is on God’s heart and teaching people how to live more effectively for Him. She said to tell you ‘Thank You’ because the Elijah List has been such a lifeline for her (us) many times. It has also been the place where other Ministries have been ‘heard of’ for the very first time—and then people go on to work in those Ministries…like Prophetic Ministries Today. I don’t know how we would have heard of PMT if it wasn’t for the Elijah List. We hear other people say the same thing. So, it has turned out to be a reward that has come back around to bless you and your Ministry. Your obedience to give that word has helped many! Praise God!

Judith Oldridge (Elder)
Prophetic Ministries Today
In Canada