PMT – Equipping God’s Generals – VIRGINIA – April 3 & 4, 2015

A year ago I fell and broke my arm, at the age of 80. I have had a call on my life as long as I can remember. I had never subscribed to your ministry, but shortly after my accident, I received a mailing from you. As I read your e-mail article, the words began lighting up on the page. The message I received was this. You feel like you have fallen over a cliff…..and now you’re in the rapids. I knew it was the Lord speaking through your e-mail. It really ministered to me. That was a year ago, and I should have let you know about this a long time ago! My name is Gale, and I will be active in the Revival that is soon to be here. I am a female, although my name is spelled like a man’s. Later He visited me, and said what happened was a test to see how I would respond to this incident. It comforted me to see how apologetic He was for this happening to me. Before that I had complained to Him how everybody thought I was a male, but He said the name means Strong Spirit. After that I have never complained about my name again.. I have received your e-mails regularly ever since, even though I had never heard of you! Glory to God! I know the mantle I will wear, and I will be one of His generals.