RE: The PMT Campus
Well…I’ve just been talking with our Lord about all the beautiful things He is doing and will do through this ministry. I’m always interested in why God chooses to build a ministry where he does. Sometimes I have found that there were spiritual seeds planted long ago. Other times I have seen that there was restoration going on. I was just seeking our Lord to understand, that’s what I do. By the way I found your vision that you had about the tabernacle online and copied it. It’s beyond beautiful and heart moving how much our Lord loves us. I carry it everywhere with me and am praying over it. It is amazing, and interesting how my own prophetic journey brought me here. Even looking back on my 35 yrs. of prophetic words (all written down) and now see how they fit into the vision the Lord gave you. Our Lord never ceases to amaze me.
Glenn, Florida