RE: Apostolic Decree I Received
Howdy Apostle,
My friend, I apologize for asking to sit at your feet and then disappearing.

Praise report:
A 2010 word from your ministry is profitable. Shortly after speaking with you via the, the Spirit guided me to a deliverance ministry out of state.

It has been a blessing in many ways:
(1) I’m blessed because the wall has been removed and every memory; starting from as far back as being spoon fed in a wooden high chair (age 2 Little Rock, Arkansas), forward to the present. There was a lot of abuse, but that gas been dealt with.

(2) Many unwanted travels had taken up residence in me, calling it home. Travels also go by other names such as home squatters, hitchhiker, demons. Most gained legal access through sins such as: general curses [Num. 14:18], illegitimate births [Deut. 23:2], Lying & Word curses [James. 3:8-10], soul ties [1 Cor. 6:15-17], witchcraft [1 Sam. 15:23], sexual [Rom. 1:26-32], physic openings [Gen. 28:12], un forgiveness [Mark. 11:25], abandonment/rejection [Isa. 53:3], anger/bitterness/hatred [Eph. 4:26 & 31].
Although those “travels” we’re with me at birth and went about doing everything they could to steel, kill, and destroy me, Father God has never left me alone.

I laughed and laughed almost historically, when the “travels” begged not to be cast into the pit that God created for the fallen angels, and told to remain in the pit until the key unlocks the pit in revelation chapter nine.

(3) As a last ditch effort to avoid being cast out, the “travels” would push up “alters” (parts of me that broke off during times of abuse and shielded the memories from me). Actually pushing up “alters” was a good thing because once the “alters” found trust in the deliverance minister(s), the “alters” would forgive everyone who hurt them and then enter heaven holding Jesus hands. “Seeing this take place spiritually, is and will always be amazing”.

Once the “alters” went to heaven, the “travels” knew there legal rights were canceled and there was nothing they could say or do; other than, Get out and go to the pit God created for the fallen angels and remain there until the key unlocks the bottomless pit, in accordance with revelations chapter nine!!!

(4) Most amazing experience because not only can I hear what the travels say, but now that the “travelers” and “alters” are gone, it’s much easier to hear HolySpirit.

So, I requested to be trained and have been sitting in on deliverance sessions and it’s like stirring up the gifts because the gifts are functioning.

(5) Bless the Spirit of God because I’m able to know what they “home squatters” (travelers) are saying and I report it to minister. At times, I know the persons thoughts of past sins each is embarrassed to reveal and each are told that what you don’t reveal (breaking the Devils hold over you), it’s goes home with you. Then almost everyone reveals all sins, which really helps to get them free.

(6) Also been learning to pray simple prayers for individuals healing and then let the HolySpirit do the rest.

In closing, I really hunger to not only be established in and a pillar of ministry, but also I thirst to host God presence and like our first role model – Jesus, go about saying and doing what I both hear and see the Lord doing.