Hi Kent!

I’ve received a couple of wonderful prophecies from you in the past. I have just ordered another…I paid through paypal so I didn’t get a chance to put a note with it. I just wanted to say that over the years, I have received several prophecies saying that God will develop the prophetic gift in my life. This is something I have prayed, studied, and meditated about quite extensively, and I am anxiously awaiting further development! I strongly desire more angelic help…so send it this way! haha.

I am fascinated by the way God works through His angels. I just read some of the comments on your FB page and I’m SHOCKED…I had no idea there is such a resistance to angelic help. I hope those words don’t discourage you. It would be very difficult for me to continually read such opposition from brethren. Stay strong. Your ministry is a huge blessing. Can’t wait to hear from you.

Much Love.