Ok yes this makes sense.  Bares witness in my spirit.   I am so grateful that Jesus didn’t give up on me.


And again thank you for your ministry.   You have been a life line of hope and help more than you could know this side of heaven.

Thank you.  So much happening.  Been praying 1 hr at the church during week- amazing.  Not just for the church but for me.  And I have the gift of tongues!   You were right in the word you gave me.  I am soooo grateful.


I respect you.   Thank you for NOT being a celebrity prophet- for remaining ‘boots in the ground’.  The Lord loves you so much and pleased in your service unto Him.  You have chosen to care for and about people, His children-like the parable of the Lost Coin- Luke 15:8-10.   You have gone after ‘lost coins’ and even now ‘coins’ will be coming your way.   Love and blessings.   Tell Debbie hello.


Holly T. in Texas