Hi Kent,

I want to say the mandates from last Sunday’s teaching and the mandate you sent out this week have resonated with me. The mandate from this past Thursday was so powerful upon me. As I began to speak it out loud, I was overcome with tears and the presences of Holy Spirit. The air was filled with a sacredness. All I could think of was this was a sacred moment. I was aware of the presence of the Lord’s angelic hosts. My arms were raised in worship of the Lord as my knees bent in reverence. After regaining my composure, I read on. I declared on. After finishing reading, I felt Holy Spirit wanted me to send forth His angel specifically to guard and protect the babies in the wombs of those in the caravan of exploited people heading to the southern border of our nation. Then He had me call forth destinies of these babies to be revolutionaries of God’s moves in their countries. The table of destruction would be turned from them to the ones who scheme in the darkness for chaos and calamity.

Even before this latest mandate I felt like I should share with you what the Lord spoke to me on Sunday morning 10/21. Here is what I wrote in my journal.
The times and seasons set forth by My Father are for the advancement of the Kingdom. You shall see kingdom advance through transformation of My beloved. My children will know and experience a greater measure of My love and grace. They will soon understand even more so how wide, deep and long My love and tender mercies are. By the same token, the enemies of truth and freedom will see My righteousness and My justice flow like a flood. I have been storing up for this moment in time a reservoir of judgments. (I see a dam) I will open up the flood gates so that My righteous decrees will flow forth. No man-made barriers (laws, thought processes, religious mindsets, or cultural expectations) will remain. I will do this for the liberty of all whom I call my own. Do not be surprised when I call those who do not look, live, or long for Me. They are searching for truth and have been bound in lies. They wanted freedom, but found prison. They could not live up to the religious demands so they stopped trying. No more will those who hunger and thirst for truth be found wanting. My ears are full of cries unheard by others. My eyes see through the dark. I say no more. I am raising up My medics and My first responders. You will call forth what I say and what I see. You will do it over individuals, nations, families, cities, organizations and churches. You will know My heart of love balanced with righteous judgments. As I see so shall you see. So be it.
Acts 4:20 – For we cannot but speak of the things which we have seen and heard.

My question is this the type of word that should be formulated into a mandate? I am trying to learn and understand better how to navigate and formulate mandates. I am not looking for a public word or mandate. I want to know for my own use as the Lord shares things with me. I also am open to any feedback you have.

Blessings, Jeanette from Illinois