July 2015 Gathering PMT Event

Thank you for the pictures. I agree that coming together is a huge benefit! I grow and gain more insight each time. Honestly I need that time to connect, ask questions and get feedback. I respect the leadership at PMT for being real and useable.

We are forever change each time we attend because God speaks direction and perspective into our lives through you.

I am looking forward to the youth and family events that are in the thought stages. I like the format of July’s meeting. It worked really well to have 3 sessions of ministering words. New comers, youth and returns. I noticed that the return people’s words were more situational specific than the commissioning group. Therefore it worked really well having both the healing and prophetic ministry going simultaneously. I think it was good not having a microphone on some of those words as it might have given the freedom to be more personal. I truly learn sooo much about God by listening to him speak into people’s lives. Also the music ministry was very powerful in creating an anointed atmosphere and open spirits. Also the activation activities and opportunities were very helpful. Thank you for providing dinner. It might not have met your standards but it was very convenient and thoughtful.

Overall I felt the gathering was well done. God is so incredibly good!! Blessings til next time!