PMT Event July 2015
(next Event October 23-24, 2015)

“God is amazing!”

You said Kaylea was called to be a broadcaster – which could not have been more out of left field from our perspective. She was successfully attending a university to become a Mechanical Engineer. She landed a great 5 semester internship from General Motors. This summer was her first session with GM. She was effectively fulfilling the dreams she planned since high school.

She began her job and liked it and was good at it. She was however struck that she was not passionate about it. She chalked up that lack of passion to the change of a first job. She also knew she would need to change schools after this next year to avoid massive debt upon graduation. So God was already stirring the waters in her mind. She then came to PMT, where you dropped the news flash on July 25. Plus during the activations, she has several people mention favor in schooling, finding her passion, etc.

She believed the word enough to know she needed to job shadow. Providentially her youth pastor had invited a local newscaster to speak at the youth group 2 years ago. Kaylea remembered that and got his phone number. On Friday August 7, Kaylea job shadowed an investigative reporter. He is a Christian and spent time telling her the ins and outs and the positive and negative realities of the job. He said it is fortunate you called when you did because I only have two weeks left at this job, then I am going to become a professor at a local university. Kaylea left intrigued and fascinated, yet very unsure. We talked that night and decided to do nothing more. Keep the current plan of going back to her university to pursue engineering, unless God made the way to change course.

She was doing devotions throughout this time. The devotions seemed to nail where she was each day. On Wednesday August 5, the devotion was on giving all of your hopes, dreams and plans to the Lord and letting Him give you back His hopes, dreams and plans for you. She wrote that out in her journal that morning. Driving home from work, she receives a call from the newscaster. He said he had a day off and was at the university talking to the chair of the Digital Media Arts department and he was telling the chair about her. So they were wondering if Kaylea had thought any more about a broadcasting career and if she had any questions about the university program. She said she had not thought a lot about it, but ironically she was driving right by the university on her way home from work and could stop by and chat. She stopped in and met the newscaster (soon to be professor) and the department chair. They gave her a tour and offered to set up meetings with admissions and said they could offer her some sort of scholarship money. They suggested we meet with admissions ASAP to get more information to help make a decision.

So the next day they set up a meeting for us with admissions. I was attending a leadership conference with some ministry friends. When I said I had to leave early to meet with this university’s admission department, the response was unbelievable. My friend immediately exclaimed that she believed Kaylea would qualify for their ministry’s scholarship. Another person I just met there told us to ask about a special tuition program they had. I did not ask any questions, they just threw these things at me.

We met with admissions and the department chair. Apparently this university is one the best in the nation for digital media for Christian universities as they have won many national awards in film, broadcasting, radio and other such things. The president of the university even walked across campus just to meet Kaylea. After 2 1/2 hours we left emotionally exhausted, yet convinced this was what God was orchestrating.

It has been clear that this is what God has done, but it has not been easy emotionally. Kaylea had to regroup everything she thought she would do. She has learned what her real passion is – learning and people. Both she will do a lot of in this field. Some people do not really get it, but that is to be expected. She is now enrolled. All her classes transferred. She has her courses scheduled and she begins on August 31.

I am so proud of her for trusting the Lord enough to test the waters and let him steer the boat. Truly it seems like months have passed since PMT, but it has not even been one month. And she knew within 2 weeks what she was to do. Wow. Our God is definitely not boring. I told her God could have mentioned this in April, but for some reason he decided to make it a big surprise! She will always have this story to tell.