RE: PMT Elder Melinda Geisenburg Prophecy

Good Morning Melinda,

I wanted to connect with you and say thank you for the amazing word God spoke through you. As God orchestrates things, the morning of the day I received this word I was looking at the largest 1.5 billion pixel picture of the Andromeda galaxy taken by the Hubble space telescope. I kept zooming in and in. I really could not even comprehend how huge and complex it is. I told my son the come and look as I exclaimed how absolutely big and amazing our God is.

Then later that day I received your word. I know it was not a coincidence. I still am reeling in a sense from the magnitude of it. “Can you imagine holding the universe in your hands?” What? God took something I thought I could never grasp and will show me. Wow.

Your word is filled with big things like that. As you said, I am choosing to believe that I will experience all these things I never dreamed could be. Truly, life with our Lord can be an endless adventure. Also God used you to confirm a word spoken by Kent about how God loves my heart. Very special.

I am excited to bring our family to Norfolk, VA so they too can see and hear our God in action through everyday people yielded to Him.

Many blessings to you,