It seems like you’re always writing about what’s going on in my life that particular week, so I just wanted to share about this one. 🙂 This article is a confirmation for us.

My sister got a word from you for her son earlier this year. You said he’s a prophet and he’d have colorful dreams, which is true for him already. He’s been having a lot of questions about his gifts lately, and my sister has been going back and forth on whether she should share your prophetic word with him or not. This article helps to know she shouldn’t wait. He is 12 now, so why not help give him some direction for his destiny before he gets into his teen years? I forwarded this to her so she could read it.

I will see you in 2 weeks, looking forward to meeting everyone @ (Anointed by Association). James and I have both had dreams this week about new things coming, so we are open and excited to receive impartation.

Merry Christmas!