Hi Prophet Kent,

I just signed up today for the ministry partnership under email address. I felt led by the Lord to support your ministry, it happened as I was driving my car I was listening to a CD about faith by Pastor Charles Vance and I was touching buttons on the steering wheel on the car to change the screen displays and all of a sudden the strangest thing happened your prophecy you sent to me by email back in December which I listened to a few times all of a sudden was playing in my car through my cell phone through the bluetooth and the speaker system, It was as though an angel put it through my phone to play through an app. it truly freaked me out while I was driving. It played over and over again 3 times and it finally stopped, I was trying to shut it off and it kept on playing until the 3rd time the playing was finished, the Lord has his ways of speaking to us. It woke me up and I felt strong to support your ministry monthly, you remind of God’s Elijah a man of character and integrity. It also gave me strength and Faith to make through when things seem not to go right.

God bless you and your family; your newsletters are encouraging!!