Dear Prophet Kent Simpson,

I wrote in for a word on passing my FCAT, in my 9th grade year. I was so worried about this test, because I didn’t want it to be a road block to me graduating high school and God did what he promised to do in his word. In his word, he said I will pass the FCAT test, but with a great struggle so when I get my diploma, I will be grateful for receiving a diploma from a public school where rich kids go, that do not have to work as hard to graduate. When I got my results, I am pleased to tell you that I passed with a 3 and also, as he said in his word the FCAT scale would be curved for two years, and on the bar graph it showed that it had be curved and to a level two. I was happy and ecstatic, to learn this. Thank you Jesus Christ for your faithfulness, and blessings.

Moreover, during the test, I wanted to give up because I felt it was hard, and I thought I wasn’t answering the questions correctly. The Lord intervened and soothed me and told me to relax a little and keep going, and you can do.

Finally, Prophet Kent Simpson, I don’t know if you have other partners who have kids in the state of Florida who have to pass the FCAT, and they are worried about their kids passing the FCAT test. I suggest that they seek a word of the Lord about this.