Dear Apostle Prophet Kent,


I am so excited! Your impartation of the gift of miracles is right on as I have been moving in this gift stronger than ever. While I do not name myself in this testimony, it is me that invited the lady over to join us, gave 3 testimonies of healing where I prayed for people, I led the short prayer and I told her to do something she could not do before! Your impartation matches even the verbiage of “short prayer” which I prayed for this lady and others!  PTL!


So far my gift of healings has shown in the following areas: 5 backs healed including mine (mine was the first healed), headaches gone, neck healed, hernia healed, cancer healed!  PTL!


The Lord is so amazing and awesome! I give God all the glory! I am so blessed to be a part of the end times – signs, wonders, and miracles to bring in the harvest!


I love and bless Debbie and you!

Jill Taylor Gordon in Texas


(Feel free to use this testimony to encourage others!)