Thank you so much for this word.

I am going to print it out and use it as a study. Your words resonate in my heart as I hunger for God’s Truth. I want to proclaim His Truth and see that even correction is His Kindness as His Love is expressed in order to bring His children into alignment with Him that they may walk in the callings God has given them and take their Kingdom Positions. These positions require training. God will not send us out ill equipped. He has put great desires in my heart. I know these are His desires because I have asked Him that if they are not from Him to cleanse them out of my heart. My desire is for the world to see that Father sent Jesus and that He Loves them. It is my desire that the church be the fullness of Christ Who fills everything in all ways. It is my desire that the authorities and rulers of the spiritual realm see the wisdom of God demonstrated through His Church. It is my desire that all of this is accomplished as God’s Spirit unites His Children and the World sees Jesus manifested in His Church as His Love unites us. I have great hope in my heart and I know that God is more than able. I will not limit God and I know that He is the same God as is in the Scripture.

I have great desires of God’s purpose for me. How He, by Christ in me, will be glorified in my life. How I will more and more be the image of Christ as I am transformed into His likeness, by His ever increasing Glory. God gave me a dream and in it I sat before Him on a stool, right at His feet. His White Robe flowed around us, Him and I, and it piled up like soft clouds. The both of us were very excited. He laughed with delight at my excitement. There I sat, giddy with joy, at His feet. Our hands touching. As I sat so close I leaned toward Him and He toward me. I sat so close on my stool before Him sitting on His Throne, so close my legs touched His. He is my Father. He had a gift for me. It was as if it were my birthday! I was so happy. He has spoken to me before this about giving me the gift of knowledge and I knew that it was from Him because He had demonstrated this gift in me in very small ways already. But this was bigger than that. He was expanding my territory! So, there I sat in His Presence. Loving Him with all my heart. As He laughed with me He let me know that it wasn’t quite time for me to have the gift but to know that it was coming. Then I woke. Feeling like I had just sat with God Almighty. In my dream He did not tell me that the gift was “knowledge”. I just believed it was because of what He had already spoke into my heart and because this was the gift I seemed to desire. Over the past 3 years or so there are 3 gifts He has spoken to me. The order that He spoke them has been; prophecy, knowledge and healing. I am an intercessor and just recently He has spoken to me about giving me higher authority in my prayers as I pray the redeeming and restorative powers of Jesus’ Blood. All of these are words so foreign to where I have come from 4 years ago and even, to a large extent, foreign to where I now live and go to church. About 4 years ago God picked me up, worked me in His Hands and transformed everything about me, transformed my desires, what matters to me now is only the things that matter to God. I have seen His Big Picture. I have seen it and I believe Him at His Word. He has given me a choice of seeing what is right before my physical eyes or His Vision that I see with the eyes of my heart. For a while I carried both of these inside of me and they wrestled and caused me great heart ache. I made a choice and I chose to carry His Vision.

It would seem that when I talk to God about these gifts I feel something just not right in my spirit. It would seem that I am asking for the wrong thing. Not the wrong gift but that it goes beyond gifts. I would ask for the gift of prophesy and I would feel a thing in me (like the catching of a fish hook) and the feeling of something rising up in me like I was to ask for something higher. It was like a call to look up higher. So I would ask God for the Spirit of Prophesy. Not really knowing if the words I say are “all right”. So, when I read your word about prophesy/knowledge there was an intense resonating in my spirit. I realized that there is an “office” of prophesy. I feel the time is coming for there to be a birthing. I feel the birth pains. I was out praying as I walked and looked up into the trees for a sign from God, a confirmation about this calling I felt He had called me to. He spoke to me and said, “Don’t look so hard. Seek Me.” Ok, God I will keep my eyes on You.

I’m not sure why I am emailing you other than to thank you for this word. I thank God. Also I email because I feel so stirred that I just need to express the stirring to someone. I’m sure you receive many emails but could I ask you to say a prayer for me. I see Jesus, the Lion of Judah standing over His Church and Roaring, shaking the very foundations so all that is not of Him is shaken off. It is a huge and awesome picture of Victory. We are not to be passive. We must all recognize our part in all this. I praise God and trust that He will protect me. He knows my heart and I trust that He will not let me miss His Open Door for me. I must trust that He is more than able to Led and He knows I desire to Follow. I cannot believe that it is my imagination that I have all these Godly desires for His Name is to be Glorified. Had it not been that He pulled me out of nowhere and planted all these things inside of me I would not find it all so odd. I Love the Ways of God. These are unreasonable, unexplainable, indescribable ways of God. I praise Him.

God bless you with His Grace and Peace, in Christ’s Name.