Hello. On 12/30/1990 H. Kent Simpson sent me a prophesy tape while I was living in Ft. Worth Texas with my family. I was active duty military at the time. I witnessed to the prophesy and it was true. Today I recovered the tape and listened to it again for the first time in over 20 years. In the nearly 29 years since that tape, which I have today digitalized, I can testify that his words from the Lord Jesus were true, but I have yet to come into that full prophecy. My wife is dead from breast cancer, and I became a physician assistant and now work in a faith-based practice. In my flesh I thought I would have been disqualified from my calling, any yet, I have been saved twice by an angel in what should have been fatal accidents. I recognized him as an angel as soon as he disappeared.

I submit this to your ministry for you to judge it and inquire of my father, the Lord God of Creation.

John J Dewar