Hello, this is Jonelle ________ from Virginia. I have received prophecy, words of knowledge and wisdom from your ministry Feb 14 and Feb 28.

Though I was unable to express my heart concerning these words from the Lord online. I have been extremely encouraged!!! The first word I received set every thing that I have experienced into be able to understand the “why”. It birthed a new level of trust in the Lord that is like…WOW! I am a business owner…as Prophet Mark discerned that in the Spirit.

Every word through the team was so on point that I am “FULLY LOADED.” Same on Feb 28. One other thing that brought strength was the areas I have been attacked in is actually the areas the Lord have anointed me in. Keep blessing the people of God with His gifts He have placed in you. GOD HAVE GREAT REWARDS IN STORE FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM! GOD BLESS!