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“Angels and the Gift of Tongues”


Thank you so much brother and Prophetic Pastor Kent Simpson for releasing this prophetic word and divine revelation from the LORD!


My name is Joy Weller and I live in Germany. I’ve been receiving a lot of reminders over the years from my German friend to pray a lot in tongues. This week, I’ve been praying and spending more time with God, seeking Him in all that’s He is doing in, through and for me in my life. He’s been ministering to me for sure and I love it!


I want to also share with you that I do have many many prayer languages. I would here Spanish, Italian, Korean, some type of African, Hebrew, and some other type of Asian languages. I also hear myself speaking certain words in English in between praying in tongues. I’m sure there’s more however, I do here it switch up, especially when it gets aggressive or like warring and like you’ve mentioned at times it’s like sweet conversation where I can hear myself explaining something and then asking a question and passing as He answering my questions and so on. I also sing in the spirit a lot, I mean a lot! High octaves, like opera or an angel. I do this a lot at home. I’ve done it several times while visiting churches when I went up the alter for prayer. On one occasion, I felt it coming on as I was in my knees. The Pastor was praying over me. I was trying not to make it noticeable because I done it once before at another church and it was received well from the minister. He played music over me. Very well, back to the other Pastor praying over me. I was trying not to do it, however I remember praying telling Holy Spirit that I would not stop Him from moving through me again. That’s when the pastor said, who didn’t know what I did at home, she said, “Don’t hold it in, let it go.” That’s when I relaxed and then allowed Holy Spirit to flow and I sang in the spirit in high octaves and for a long time until there was nothing else. Now, I was told as I started to sing, and people stared to hear it, the Pastor’s husband who is also a Pastor feel to his knees and started weeping loud. People in the congregation started praying and crying as well. They said it was the most beautiful sound they ever heard.


I give God praise, honor and glory for what He did in that service. I thank God for Jesus, Holy Spirit and for my network of His Angels in my life!


I do desire to know more so, I have prayed this morning, asking Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name to make my mind fruitful (knowledgeable)even more than before of the things being said that I do not understand and to help me to interpret and see in the spirit as I pray in my heavenly languages.


Thank you again Pastor Simpson! God’s blessing, love and Shalom to you, your family and ministries.


Permission granted:


God bless you Pastor Simpson,
Of course you may use my comments in your e-newsletter. After sending you that email, Holy Spirit led me to purchase your books. I’m reading “What’s Your Angel’s Name” and just from what I’ve read so far has made me more aware of what belongs to me and hungry for more!
I’ve also shared this with my mother who has shared with me her many encounters with angels. She has described to me how they look   and how one was trying to give her something in her hand, however she was frightened and threw it down. She said when she woke up, she could still fill it in her hand.
I know the LORD is preparing me to see and do more. My spiritual eyes are open to see more than ever before. Thank you again for saying Yes to God’s call on your life for His Kingdom!


God’s continued blessings, love and Shalom to you, your family and Ministries from Germany,