RE: School of Prophetic Knowledge;

I like that-sowing into a Ministry-not just getting a word for themselves. That really changes the focus to where it should be! It is so true-people haven’t been taught much about prophecy. Yet they need to know! It is so powerful! It can change their lives!It really helps if we can get the word out about the School of Prophetic Knowledge, because then people can learn what the Scriptures say about so many areas of the prophetic.

I’m on my third time going through the DVD’s and can’t wait to begin again! Every time I listen to them, I learn more, and the Holy Spirit reveals more truth! It as if you take it the first time, and then go out and practice it. Then you do the course again the second time, and learn more, and go out and practice it!…and now it’s starting to become part of my life the third time around! That’s the best money I’ve ever spent on an education. It’s the price of one course in some places. And to think we get the whole thing for that amount! When it is truth, it never stops teaching. And that’s what’s happening with the School of Prophetic Knowledge!

I just had an idea today-I wondered what would happen if each person that has taken the course would be challenged to get one other person to take it as well. That’s doubling our Ministry without it being too much on any one person, plus it would give the Prophetic Ministers and their ‘friends’ the material they need to share the good news together, and could understand each other better.

I have a friend that is getting ready to begin the course now. It’s exciting to see this happening already. What do you guys think about that?