Good Morning Kent,

Does this tie in with the idea of corporate words for the body of Christ now? It seems like your Ministry is expanding-going to a whole new level, and the way to reach the masses is through the internet, etc., reaching so many more in the hours you have in a day.

Maybe the body of Christ is being prepared to hear the messages corporately now-as many more countries are able to access your Ministry. I guess I’d call it corporate, but also multiplication of your work in the Kingdom. You used to do one prophecy at a time; now the world is listening, and hungry, and needing to be fed the truth of the Word-our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God bless your words this day. May none fall to the ground. The world is needing to hear the truth. Rest in His grace today.

I want to follow Him! I choose to take in as much of the Prophet’s Mantle as I can. I am hungry, and learning as much as I can. This is helping me in all that I do. It applies to every area of life, not just the spiritual. These words of counsel work wherever we are! Thank you.