RE: NEW Website ‘Apostolic Reformation Messages’

Hello Kent,

This is what I heard today on the Sunday Zoom meeting, April 30, 2017. I learned so much in a short time! Getting it right is freeing! The article from Wes really was a blessing too! Thank you.

What is sin?  What is faith?

Faith is hearing God for yourself and then obeying what He tells you.  If the Holy Spirit is convicting you about sin in your life then ask Him for help to get rid of it.  He wants to deliver you painlessly so that you can go on your way rejoicing!  Be set free!

Sin is a conviction inside that comes to each of us individually.  One person can do something while another cannot.  It is up to God. We are not to judge each other because God doesn’t tell all of us the same thing.  (We have enough to do with just hearing God for ourself!)

Don’t hang on to sin when God shows it to you in your own life.  Condemnation comes from the devil and it makes you feel worse. Conviction comes from God and the reason He brings it up is to help you get rid of it.  Give it up so you can move on and fulfill God’s plan for your life.  Try and do whatever God tells you to do, in His timing.  Don’t put it off.  If you think you hear Him but you’re not sure yet, then ask Him to confirm it. If you stumble and fall, get up again and keep going.  The Lord is pleased when you try.

We no longer live under the law of the 10 Commandments, but by hearing the Holy Spirit when he speaks directly to our spirit and then obeying what He says.  The longer we practice hearing God’s voice, the clearer we will hear Him.  And the more we obey, the more blessings will come our way.  Pray, hear and obey, that is the Christian way.

This is true freedom.

Judith Oldridge (Elder)
Prophetic Ministries Today