Good morning Kent,

I just read Crystal Wade’s Hope Streams article and listened to her ‘Go for the Gold’ talk for tweens and teens and was so grateful that she talked about prophets etc. in our day and about your life in particular. It has not been an easy road for you but I too am thankful that you heard and obeyed the Lord as a Prophet. Thank you for teaching/training us how to hear God too-not just for ourselves but for others as well. You help us find out what our gifts are, and give us an impartation and then commission us to go forth to see signs, wonders and miracles happen. I am writing books and interceding for Ministries and for people and their businesses to do well, using my prophetic gift and I thank God for the Prophetic Ministry in my life. The Prophetic is a costly gift. I never want to take it for granted. God bless you.