RE: Angelic Enforcers of Spiritual Law

Hello Kent,

You know this is going to be powerful, by the way we’ve had to fight to get it out. Ed said you got it, so that’s good news. Trust you had a good trip.

I’m asking God to have people read this from their heart, not their head, and that it will help to awaken their spirit, and rise to the challenge to face truth–about wrong beliefs, about the need for the prophetic in the body of Christ, and about the need to give with joy to the prophets.

I’m also asking God to impact every single reader in the way they need to be impacted. This is not just another article! It has an anointing on it beyond anything I’ve seen before. This is God’s time for this message to be given–it is a Kairos Moment for the body of Christ, and the Lord is going to use it for His Glory. It will be worth the wait–20 years(?) to give this message. Just think of how many more will receive it now, than 20 years ago. Now it will go around the world. I pray for a ripple effect to take place from this. I speak the blessing and anointing of the Lord on this message of truth.

Keep writing