Good morning Kent,

Thank you! This is so nicely done-never expected this at all. e-Newsletter article: CALLED, COMMISSIONED AND EQUIPPED

You explained the importance of being called, commissioned and equipped so well!

People do need to see how the Lord wants to take the burden from us, and give us His Rest. His desire is that many more be CALLED, COMMISSIONED AND EQUIPPED to do His will. The body of Christ has been floundering for a very long time. We have known that the Lord wants to use our lives (and gifts) for His glory, but we haven’t known where to go for direction, or how to ‘get-there-from-here’, and that’s what PMT Ministry is about. The SCHOOL OF PROPHETIC KNOWLEDGE gave me a very STRONG Biblical foundation, and now I can see where I fit. PMT Ministry takes the ‘guess work’ out of our service for the Lord, while putting confidence in. And that is a good thing!

I am definitely enjoying my Christian walk more, with less stress than ever before, and having fun using the gift of writing that He has given me. We need to have fun obeying the Lord! (And we can, when we know what we are called, commissioned and equipped to do). I think we’ve missed that part of the equation. It has become an obligation to work for God, but that is not what He intended. This is fun! I am not drained by this! I gain energy when I write. I ask the Lord to get my writing where it needs to go–for His glory.

Now I pray that others will find out what their ‘ministry’ is, so they can ‘rest and have fun’ too. We’ve complicated life far more than necessary!

May God bless you and continue to give you wisdom and revelation for those that desire to be used of God, but aren’t sure about what they have to offer Him.