Hello Kent and Eric,

Thank you, Kent and Eric, for the newsletter you just sent out about the Shadow of the Lord. You gave me the answer I’ve been searching for–what it means to live in God’s shadow!!! Safety, calm and rest. That’s exactly where we need to be in this time. I couldn’t understand it because shadows have to do with darkness and that did not fit. In Him there is no darkness at all. So, if we see ourselves close to Him, (as close to Him as our shadow is to us), then we will have that safety, calmness and rest. There is no better place to be! God bless you and the PMT Campus. So many people don’t know what their gifts are or what they can do to help build the Campus. Your newsletters will clarify and identify what is needed, but you will also let people know what they already have in their ‘tool box’ to work with us!

Judith Oldridge